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 The business world presents special concerns and pitfalls when it comes to protecting and backing-up data. This is especially true for businesses that perform the majority of their data exchange via the Internet. No one can predict when a system failure will occur, but it is a safe assertion to assume a failure will occur at some point. It is important that businesses reliant upon the safe and complete storage and access of archived data, have in place a service that guarantees data recovery.

Two of the most popular and reliable sources for Internet and Cloud storage back-up are Carbonite and Mozy. Each of these services are great at recovering lost data, but a comparison between the two is helpful. Here is a breakdown of the features of these two data recovery services.

Data Storage Capacity

Mozy relies on military-grade 128-SSL security to lock away files. All bits of data are encrypted and automatically relayed to the Mozy mainframe as long as a computer is connected to the Internet. Mozy uses an off-site hard drive to store data, so it is perfect for private and local files including multimedia and movies.

Carbonite relies on banking-type storage software. It stores the last 12 versions of each file in a bundle that is accessible from any Internet-linked terminal or iPhone device. All of Carbonite’s data recovery services are also compatible with PC systems, and cover loss due to theft, system crashes, fire, and all conceivable types of file corruption. Carbonite literally creates a mirror image of each hard drive it protects.

Files Recovered To Date

Mozy recovery has not been evaluated because it concentrates on aspects of ever-changing Web-hosting jobs. Though Mozy has a huge list of clients, its performance is a bit undetermined.

Carbonite can produce evidence that it has recovered nearly 4 billion lost files for its clients since its inception. These files include private data for movies, documents and multimedia. They also include recovery for sensitive government and business projects.

Accessibility For Private and Commercial Entities

Mozy is compatible and useful for private and business-oriented systems using software for automatic and scheduled back-up services and archiving. This back-up service allows subscribers to view stored data including previous versions similar to local hard drive readouts.

Whether it is for a personal computer or a business network, Carbonite stores multiple versions, including altered versions, for recovery. No amount of data has ever exceeded Carbonite’s capacity for storage.

Service Cost and Associated Fees

Mozy back-up services are based on perceived back-up volume per one or two-year agreements. This service is broken into increments of 50 GB demands and costs about $60 per year for private and business back-up.

Carbonite schedules it fees for unlimited home and business storage on one, two and three year plans. Fees are consistent no matter the amount of data storage and also run about $60 per year. Carbonite also has an affordable rate for add-on services as client systems expand and encounter unforeseen storage needs.

There are many reliable data storage services available for personal and business computer systems. The important aspect of data storage is the security and feeling of using a service that guarantees files will never truly be lost. Between two great services like Mozy and Carbonite, each client must pinpoint their most dire data storage needs

Best Carbonite Add-ons offers data backups. When you start using, you will never lose your photos, financial documents, music, emails and videos even if hurricane Katrina strikes again. Your files are safe and it’s easy to use. The software is compatible with PCs and MACs. No matter which plan you will select, you are guaranteed to get unlimited backup space for your files. The company has a free trial.

If you are running a small business, you are using several software systems to automate your business, right? Here is a problem: All the software systems you are planning to use must “speak” to each other. Each piece of software has to have an interface that can accept your company’s data. After the software processes your data, it has to feed it back into your company’s data system.

When you are using, you need to know about other software systems that fit nicely with

One of the systems that integrate with is It’s an analytics tool that shows real time data with lots of helpful features. If your company runs a WordPress website, offers a free plugin. Woopra helps to track consumer behavior and identify customers. If something does not work for your business, woopra will help to identify and track the problem.

Insightly is a project management system. It works for big and small projects. It will create and track tasks, lists and projects. It allows collaboration of several people. If there is a big project going on, people will have no problems seeing what is done and what has to be completed. Insightly integrates with Chrome web browser and Gmail.

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The next tool is FollowUp It’s an email reminder system. If you want to register for a conference and there is an “early bird” discount, you will save money just by getting an email reminder from the system. As per PC World, the system will help you stay on top of your email tasks. It integrates with Gmail.

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A Review of

Consumers who are looking for an inexpensive online data backup service have many options. There will often be limitations that are seen with many providers. However, one provider that is offering an unlimited storage plan is Carbonite. The online interface is easy to use and backups can be made using a Mac and Windows.

One aspect to keep in mind is the entry-level price is only for a single computer. The Premier or Plus editions will be needed for multiple computers. However, these plans only support Windows.

The online data backup service has and app that features a scheduler which will allow a user to set automatic backups. This can be done once a user has completed an initial backup of the files on their computer. The automatic backup option allows you to backup new or updated files at specified times or on specific days.

A colored status dot displays which of your files has been backup up. A folder is backup up when there is a green dot on the screen. If a folder has files that are pending backup, then a yellow dot is displayed on the screen. This is a simple way for a user to know the status of their files.

Users will have the option to set the system to back files when a computer is idle, not using many resources, or is not being used. The benefit is not consuming bandwidth when a user is on their system and surfing the Internet. Another feature of this service is being able to restore individual files, missing files, or all files at once.

One downside of the system is not supporting file version changes. This means only the recent version of a file will be backed up as there is no option for an archive folder.

Any device that can connect to the Internet can be used to access backed up files. Users also have apps that are available for Apple devices, Android devices, and Blackberry devices. You can access any files and easily send them to other users via email.

Redundant storage is used by this service which also provides double encryption. This is done before a file or any data leaves a user’s computer. Accessing stored files will require entering a password. If you are accessing files remotely, then additional security features are used. This includes security questions and having an approved email address.

Setting up a computer with unlimited backup space can be done for one low price using Carbonite,com servers. A second computer being set up must be running Microsoft Windows. A user will also have the cost of a second annual subscription. Users will find this service is easy to use and will be simple when running the installation.

Users can easily choose to set up an automatic process after the installation is complete. There will also be an option to select specific folders and files for backup. This is a great option for users who have an assortment of picture files, movie files, and other large files to backup in case of a computer crash or a hard drive failure.

There is a FAQ section on the Carbonite,com website which is extensive. Users have the option to view a variety of video tutorials or search an online knowledgebase.

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Carbonite might sound like a rare metal or a strange tropical bird found only in tropical climates, but it’s actually one of the most popular data backup services around. For a price that varies the amount of devices in use, Carbonite will backup unlimited data for its customers. Carbonite was the very first backup company to make this offer to customers. Carbonite has several different packages that are available to clients. Some of these backup packages are geared towards individuals, others to families, and many to businesses of all sizes.

Created in 2005, Carbonite was created by its group of founders who began selling their first data backup product in 2006. Since then, the company has won numerous awards for the services that they offer and the business model that they employ. Some of these prestigious awards include “Top Private Company” and “Best Windows Backup Service.”

Carbonite’s services work by installing a program on the devices that will be used by the customers. This software then allows all of the work done by the customer to be saved incrementally via the software. This ensures that little to no work will ever be lost by the client. This system, however, does require that the customers are connected to the internet at all times so that the data can be transmitted via the internet to Carbonite’s backup services.

Though Carbonite started from nothing less than a decade ago, they are now backing up more than 350 million files a day. Over 50,000 businesses trust Carbonite with their valuable files. In total, Carbonite has backed up more than 300 billion files and continues to grow in size every year. In addition, they offer 24 hour support through a variety of mediums. All of this ensures that if something happens to a customer’s device, he or she will be able to easily retrieve the files that were lost. Retrieval is described by the company as being “seamless,” and customers that have experienced the retrieval process have admitted that the process makes files that were lost on a device relatively simple to get back.

Though Carbonite’s services are quite affordable and they offer a variety of different options for a range of clients with varying needs, potential clients can still receive special discounts and find coupons and offers that will decrease the cost of Carbonite’s services.

One discount offered by the company is geared specifically toward non profit business and charities. Carbonite understands that these services and business struggle each year to meet the demands that they face with the usually very small monetary resources that they are provided with. Carbonite recognizes the struggle and wants to help those who are doing good deeds. That’s why they launched a number of discounts that these types of businesses can tap into so they can experience the benefits of data backup without experiencing what might be unmanageable costs.

Another promotion rewards those who are loyal to Carbonite and spread the word to others. Carbonite will give cash back to those who refer others to their services with gift cards to business of their choice. Loyal customers will receive funds for each person they direct to Carbonite. In addition, the people that they refer to the company will also receive rewards for joining and being part of the Carbonite network.

Potential subscribers can also find promotions that will allow them access to a free trial of Carbonite’s services. Some of these offers will last for 15 days, and others, up to 30 days. From there, customers can discontinue the service or continue to use the service after paying the required fees.

Online, those who would like to utilize Carbonite’s services can find different Carbonite offer code that will allow them to save up to 10% on a subscription (with a Carbonite offer code) to Carbonite. People should note, however, that these Carbonite offer code usually only apply to a very specific type of plan. But, there are no shortage to these offers and discounts, so those who’d like to use Carbonite’s services should be able to find codes and promotions that apply specifically to the type of plan that they would like to buy. Don’t forget to review our ATT Uverse Coupon code page for more great offers from ATT.

Carbonite’s services might not be that expensive, but potential users of Carbonite can still find plenty of opportunities to save on the service to make it even more affordable. Some users will qualify for Carbonite’s non profit Carbonite offer code, others can refer their friends and acquaintances to Carbonite for cash back in the form of gift cards, and everybody is eligible for finding Carbonite offer code and coupons and carbonite offer code online. Lastly, you may want to get a Verizon FIOS promotion code for great broadband deals from verizon. 



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